The Clinic

Our goal for funding the Clinic is   $10,000.   Here’s why.


Providing Opportunity in Barrio Blanco The Clinic

Dr. Mirian helping the people in Barrio Blanco

The clinic will be called “La Clinica de salud, Barrio Blanco” , or The Health Clinic, Barrio Blanco

Many people in Barrio Blanco suffer with curable or treatable diseases. High blood pressure, diabetes, worms, skin diseases, diaharrea and on. Because this is a wetland with sewage issues and flooding, it is a breeding ground for transmittable diseases.


The expense of trips to other towns for treatment or monitoring keeps many away for all but emergencies, and even when diagnosed, medicines are so expensive that …well, you know.


We are hoping to treat these types of needs. Our goal will be to provide all our medical care for free including medicines, but we will need donations for this.


We are hoping likewise to vaccinate the school children and provide them with daily vitamins and ongoing health monitoring.


We are hoping to raise $10,000 to support “La Clinica”.


The clinic will not be open every day, but will have a regular, known schedule that coordinates with our school.


The “clinic” is what we call a small room built within our schoolhouse. It’s really too small to work within, but it is where we are able to keep medicines and equipment secure. The treatment area is in a portion of the large 1-room school.  Thanks to 2 generous donors we are building a new, separate clinic building that will be complete by June 15th.  This will allow us to do a better job treating health needs and as well alow us to make use of the school for more classes.


We have a Dominican doctor named Mirian Placiendo and a nurse, Ana Yvis Almonte.  On a normal day they see 15 – 20 people needing medical attention.


We need to get money for the clinic to pay for ongoing supplies like gloves and syringes etc. as well as to find some sources of donated medicines. Dr. Placiendo is providing her services for $ 26 and Nurse Altmonte for $ 20 per 1/2 day, and this is very low even for DR because they want to help the poor in their country.


We are also hoping that Doctors, Nurses and people in the Dental profession will either coordinate in advance or drop in impromptu to offer their help at times. Is there a Doctor in the house? Might you drop in?


The residents built this building for our clinic with their own hands. It’s “Dominican ready” for you.